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Code of ethics

1. To serve the fundamental duty is to serve the interest or mission of his association in compliance with the CREED.
2. He shall be honest in thoughts and deeds both in his personal and official actuations, obeying the laws of the land and the regulations prescribed by the association.
3. He shall not reveal any confidential matter that is confided to him.
4. He shall act at all times with proper decorum and shall not permit personal feelings; prejudices and undue friendship to influence his actuation in the performance of his official functions.
5. He shall wear his uniform, patches and insignia properly as a symbol of public trust and confidence as an honest and trustworthy KAWAL
6. He must keep his allegiance first to his team he committed to serve with loyalty and dignity.
7. He shall familiarize himself with the rules and regulations laid down by his association.
8. He shall at all times be courteous, respectful, and (salute) to his superior officers and perform the secret handshake to his associates when meeting.
9. He shall report to authorized officer assigned by the association all irregularities that will encounter.
10. He shall patronize the team and nothing but the team

Code of Conduct

1. He shall not use his affiliations and privileges to the prejudice of his association to the public/airsoft community
2. He shall not engage in any plans with any other association/airsoft team that conflicts to the plans of your own association
3. He shall not team up with other team during an official game unless a given circumstances that the team will be needed to split according to the rules of the gamesite and permitted by an officer of your team.
4. He shall not drink any intoxication liquor or take any prohibited drugs immediately before and during game.
5. He shall Immediately notify officer in charge in case of any sign of disorder.
6. He shall assist the assigned officer in the preservation and maintenance of peace and order in the protection of the life and property of the association
7. He shall learn by heart or memorize and strictly observe the laws and regulations implemented by the association.

Game Conduct

1. He shall be very responsible in handling his/her AEG’s and treat it as real guns.
2. He shall think of the safety of other’s first in every game and situation than having a big HIT.
3. He shall obey rules and always be honest in every game.
4. He shall be as gentleman, friendly, considerate, cool, humble, and low profile.
5. Having vulgar, heated arguments and Trash talks is intolerable.
6. Zombie’s will be on the teams mess hall, and maybe kicked out if proven.
7. He shall always play as a team; does his duty or role he has been assigned too.
8. He shall always be alert and well informed on orders from the team leaders or platoon leader he/she has been assigned too.
9. He shall obey orders from team leader or platoon leader, regardless of the task at hand.

How we play:

1. This is a military simulation we follow our officers and obey every mission, directive orders given to us.
2. Here you are not who you are. You will play your role.
3. Here every individual have a certain role to play.
4. Here we are playing soldiers and we are serious about it.
5. Here we have rankings, and duties in the game filed.
6. Here you can be a platoon leader, Sgt, 1st class, 2nd class, foot soldiers etc.
7. Here we are a team “TEAM KAWAL”
8. Here we will endure the scenarios until the end game.
9. Here we will be trained.

Rank aspirant:


2nd Lieutenant (Puli Magat)
1st Lieutenant (Ka Magat)
Captain (Magat)
Major (Puli Lakan)
Lieutenant Colonel (Ka Lakan)
Colonel (Lakan)

1. For every event the team has played there shall be + experience points, the more team game you participated with, the more XP points you will have.
2. For every XP points you gained you can out rank the officers above you thus having your rank.
3. Core of officers citation and commendation; a + XP point with be added to your stats. (please see team members profiles)
4. Core of officers have also the right to give promotion, merits and demerits.
5. Simple terms; if you are active your xp points goes up, if your not active your xp points stays the same thus even new members can out rank you.
6. Simple terms; following and disregarding the code of ethics and conduct, gives you merit and demerit, citation and commendation, thus even new members can out rank you.
7. Simple terms; If by heart you follow your officers, then by heart your soldiers will follow you.
8. Simple terms; If by heart you play your role then by heart you’ll enjoy the game win or lose.
9. Simple terms; TEAM KAWAL officers gained their ranks because they love airsoft and they are dedicated to the sport.
10. REMEMBER “Rank Has it’s own privilege“
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